Pennsylvania Is Burning Bright!

Posted On: November 29, 2010

Opening a new state is an awesome experience. Naturally, we all thought the Ignite Opportunity would have a great reception in Pennsylvania. But frankly, we could hardly have imagined the unbelievable turnout at events, the large volume of new Associates and the amazing customer gathering efforts that we’ve experienced. It’s only been a few short weeks but the momentum is building at a fever pitch. Pennsylvanians definitely like the idea of getting paid when people pay their energy bills.

Like people everywhere, Pennsylvanians are looking for an opportunity that can help enhance their lifestyles or in some cases turn their lives around. They certainly realize what a great opportunity energy deregulation represents and that Ignite is the “Proven Power” by which to take advantage of it.

I couldn’t help note the turnout for the first corporate Pennsylvania meeting was nearly identical to the first corporate meeting in Texas. And we all know what came of that original meeting nearly five years ago. My point is the launch of Pennsylvania today represents the same kind of financial opportunity for both those in the room and throughout Ignite as for those fortunate original few. You may not have been there then but you are now, so take the action today to avoid any future regret.

The momentum we have with Pennsylvania onboard is clearly exciting Associates everywhere. And some might be wondering how they can help us throw even more fuel on the roaring blaze. The answer is for all to build like crazy toward the launch event on December 4 in Philadelphia: Ignite Pennsylvania – Launchpad to Your Dreams. I can assure you Pennsylvania has never seen anything like what we will deliver. This event will culminate the Pre-Launch Phase and keep the blaze burning strong as we move into 2011 on a high note.

We are “Breaking Boundaries."

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